About us

Mind to Move is a mental health institution recognized by the Netherlands Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. It has a government-approved GZZ quality statute Mind to Move and professional status. Mind to Move specializes in the short-term and effective treatment of trauma and stress-related disorders. We treat secondary psychological complaints that arise as a result of trauma, such as negative self-image, anxiety and mood disorders. We only use scientifically proven treatment methods. Our approach is focused on tangible results and increasing self-reliance. Mind to Move has the KiBG seal of approval as well as that of the HKZ for small organizations.



Mind to Move’s mission is to treat people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder in the most effective and accessible way.  We aim to add quality years to the lives of our clients. Our objective is also to contribute knowledge towards the promotion of effective trauma treatment.



Psycho-traumatic complaints must be treated with the most effective, scientifically proven methods. We believe that, in addition to the preferred psychological treatment, stimulating a healthy lifestyle, social participation and self-reliance are crucial areas in promoting sustainable recovery. We regard and value trust as the key to success.



The psychologists working for Mind to Move are located in various locations. The practices are located in various medical centres, which include the Schalkwijk Health Centre in Haarlem and The Zonnestein Medical Centre in Amstelveen. There is close collaboration between the psychologists and other care providers (internal chain care) within the medical centres, e.g. general practitioners, physiotherapists, dietitians, speech therapists, pharmacy, practice nurses of general practitioners (called POH). In addition, there is cooperation with care providers in the relevant regions (external chain care). Mind to Move is affiliated with cooperative Psyzorg and general practitioner cooperative HCZK. In the context of cooperation and ‘delivering quality care’, consultation, or peer supervision will take place (if necessary) with your permission, during diagnosis, treatment and /or research, with these care providers.

Our privacy policy is laid down in the privacy policy.  If you wish to report a complaint or abuse regarding Mind to Move, please refer to our complaints or whistle-blower scheme.