Fatima Bouskla’s Experience

My name is Fatima Bouskla and I am a healthcare psychologist in training at Mind to Move. I have been working at the Schalkwijk Health Centre since October 2020. I see clients within basic and specialist mental health care. I started my career as a basic psychologist and was soon given the opportunity to do the healthcare training. I experience Mind to Move as a diverse health centre, with pleasant colleagues, and a focus on growth and personal development. There are various moments of work supervision, guidance, peer review and work consultations. And there is always room to discuss cases or possible difficulties.

As a starter you hereby also have the independence and flexibility of a self-employed person and you really get the feeling that you are of added value to the centre and to the clients. Working hours are self-determined and working online is encouraged. In addition, workshops and seminars are regularly offered! Do you want to become our colleague? Then do not hesitate to contact Iddo Post and maybe we’ll see you soon!