Customer Satisfaction

Client experience in the field of treatment, joint decision-making, execution of treatment is measured with the CQ index. Average rating for:

  • Treatment: 4.9/5. The experience of how the practitioner dealt with the client during the treatment and about the possibilities the client had to influence the treatment himself
  • Joint decision: 4.9/5. The extent to which the client has experienced being informed about, for example, treatment options, expectations, and self-help programmes/support
  • Treatment execution: 4.7/5. Whether the wishes of the patient have been taken into account during treatment
  • Treatment valuation: 8.9/10. What the patient thought of the treatment.

Despite the great diversity of people (age, gender, culture, etc.), it is possible to find connection on a personal level as well as in terms of treatment method. Patients feel heard and understood and experience a positive treatment effect