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Lisanne Edgar-Master psychologist at Mind to Move

In 2021 I obtained my Master’s degree in clinical psychology from the University of Amsterdam. It is sometimes quite difficult for a basic psychologist with little experience in healthcare to enter the field. At Mind to Move they gave me that chance, despite the fact that I had not worked as a basic psychologist before. From the very first moment I felt at home at Mind to Move. This young and fast-growing practice welcomed me warmly.


They gave me confidence and I was allowed to work as a self-employed person. This is how I see my own clients. I do the intakes and the treatments myself. A coordinating practitioner also sees my clients to keep an eye on the process. At the same time I am well supervised, receiving one-hour work supervision weekly when clients, intakes and treatment are discussed and where there is also room for any further questions. The team is also always there for me between work supervisions. I can knock on anyone’s door for questions, and emails are answered quickly.Every month there is a time scheduled for consultation, in which there is room to discuss personal issues that can arise during treatment or to increase self-development.Once a year we share food and drinks. It is a young, close-knit team that really enjoys each other’s company.


At the Haarlem location, Health Centre in Schalkwijk, I see many different clients from diverse cultures. This makes the work varied and instructive. Different cultures also bring different types of problems, which is very interesting for the treatment and the treatment relationship. At Mind to Move there are mainly many issues relating to trauma but I also see clients with mood and anxiety complaints, negative self-image, somatic complaints or attachment problems. The treatments can be given both on location and online, with one day working from home, which I like. The online treatments appear to be very effective and I really enjoy the variety.


Self-employment suits me and I thoroughly enjoy it. This ensures that you can plan your own hours and holidays. As a young adult, I really like that I am not tied to fixed working hours and that I am free to work longer or shorter hours during certain periods or to start earlier or later in the day. In addition, it brings great financial benefits.If you are interested in coming to work at Mind to Move, I am open to further questions. I would definitely recommend working at this fun, fast-growing health centre Mind to Move.